Protests, Werther’s Originals, Festivals and Camping

Friday night, the Ricer/Hail the Titans show rocked. It was great to see so many people there, including many who were still recovering from their St. Patrick’s Day partying the night before.

Ricer was great. If you have not heard them, you should check them out. I guess you might classify their sound as “garage rock” type stuff. They had a lot of energy and great songs. Very cool people, too.

The show included some protest signs via the “Anti-Hail the Titans Club” which is on Facebook. Here are some protest signs:

More protesting @hailthetitans on Twitpic

Protesters for @hailthetitans on Twitpic

Also, our friend Zach got to fulfill his dream of throwing out Werther’s Originals during our show. Protest signs, candy, rock and roll. Fun stuff.

Last night, Hail the Titans joined Hellakopta of Love for the 2011 Alabama Mountain Games. Our friends at Organic Hippie had a vendor’s tent set up out there.

First of all, Hellakopta sounded great, as always. I even got to join them for a few songs. And if you’ve never helped carry an organ onto a stage, well, those things are heavy, but they sound so good.

The stage was big. We had a lot of room to move around, so we used it. We were all over the place. However, during the last song, I think I may have overdone it because at one point, I looked over at the micro Korg case, and it had fallen to the floor. Also, I accidentally ran into Wes and stepped on his foot.

Oh, big thanks to Winfred from Hellakopta for joining us for song “three” while Wes played the whamola.

After the show, we stuck around, camped out, hung out by a huge (really huge) bonfire. Thanks to my friend Hillary for letting me borrow a sleeping bag for the trip. I have not been camping in a long time.

Also thanks to Chris and Andie from Headless Dinosaur Recording for riding with us. Chris helped run sound for us at the show.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, mark your calendars for April 7. Hail the Titans has been confirmed to open for Maserati at Bottletree in Birmingham!


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