Present and accounted for

About a week and a half ago, Hail the Titans played at Ms. Newby’s in Panama City Beach, Fla. We had a great time, as I posted about last week.

Well, while we were having fun, we forgot something very important down there: our merch box.

As soon as we got back into town, we called the venue, and it was right where we left it. So a bartender at the venue put it away to keep it safe. The problem was that since Spring Break was going on, it was very busy, the box got shifted around in one of three large storage rooms, and it got hidden by other boxes.

Yesterday, I called the venue, and it was located, so Adam and I got in the car and made a trip to PCB.

We made it just before the Florida state line – to the town of Samson, Ala. – when the flashing lights came on. We got pulled over and questioned about whether we had alcohol, weapons or drugs. After a few minutes on the side of the road, the officers let us go.

So we made it to Ms. Newby’s, and everything was there. Big thanks to the great people there who took care of our stuff and made sure that all of it got returned to us.

We hung out on the beach for a little bit, met some nice people from Arkansas, got some really good pizza from Frankie D’s on Thomas Drive – the Greek thin crust pizza is amazing – then made our way back to Montgomery.

You know, when we played in Panama City, Trey, Wes and the folks who rode with us got pulled over soon after leaving the venue. Apparently, the officers thought there were people being transported in our cargo trailer. Strange. I hope getting pulled over doesn’t become a habit. For PCB, it’s now two for two.


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