Randomness 8.0

I know! Two “randomness” posts back to back (with a non-post weekend sandwiched in between)!

First things first, I’m listening to Maserati‘s “Pyramid of the Sun” album, and if you didn’t know, it’s really good. And also, if you didn’t know, Hail the Titans has the pleasure of opening for them on Thursday, April 7 at Bottletree in Birmingham. The Great American Breakdown, from Birmingham, is also on the bill.

Over the weekend, I made a couple of stops by the Lost Highway Tattoo Festival in Montgomery. I saw a performance by the “Show Devils” featuring The Enigma and Serana Rose. The show included chainsaws, swords, apples, cucumbers, jokes, a neon light, blindfolds, etc.

I also saw someone getting a tattoo of The Joker (the Heath Ledger version) on his forearm. As much as I liked “The Dark Knight,” I mean, it’s a fantastic film, and Heath Ledger did an amazing job in his role as Joker, but I don’t really want his face permanently on my forearm. But that guy did, so more power to him.

Pint Bottle Photography posted some photos from the recent Hail the Titans/Ricer show. Click here for the gallery. Here is a photo featuring those protest signs from the Anti-Hail the Titans Club:

A gallery of the Breaking Aim and The Rhythm/Rowe show has also been posted. Click here for that gallery. These two really grabbed my attention:


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