Busyness is a word

In case you were wondering, “busyness” is a word.

Yesterday’s event at Brantwood Children’s Home went well. People were very complimentary to my music, and there was barbecue. Also, I found out yesterday that Chris from Headless Dinosaur Recording can make some really good crock pot barbecue. And Joe from the band Pseudo Nein can rock a mustache.

In other news, I may have misjudged the Counting Crows “This Desert Life” album years ago. I gave it another listen yesterday after my initial disappointment years ago, and it’s better than I remember.

Their first two albums set a high bar for them, and “This Desert Life” doesn’t meet that bar, but for what it is, it’s good. It’s just more “chill” by comparison, and there are no “Angels of the Silences” type songs on it. I stand by my statement that “Colorblind” is still the best song on the album, and that the overall lyrical content doesn’t match their previous work. But the album is not terrible.

Tonight I’ll be seeing The Avett Brothers and Band of Horses in Tuscaloosa. That should be fun. Although Explosions in the Sky is playing in Oxford, Miss. tonight… I wish Hail the Titans was opening that show. But we are opening for freakin’ Maserati on Thursday, April 7!

Some stuff going on tomorrow:

The 7th Annual Autism Crawfish Boil is going on at 1048 in Montgomery. It’s from 1 to 6 p.m. Hail the Titans is playing it. So is Hellakopta of Love and others.

At Head on the Door tomorrow night is Fable and Pseudo Nein.

In Auburn at the Independent is The Black Racers, Bloody Knives and Tunguska.

5 thoughts on “Busyness is a word

  1. I was so mad when I tried to buy tickets for Band of Horse’s Tuscaloosa show and they were SOLD OUT!! I’m gonna miss out on so much! I hope you enjoy them, though. I have all three of their LP’s and they’re amazing!

    • I’ve heard them on Pandora and like what I’ve heard. I’ve also gotten into the Avett Brothers recently. Of course, I’m really sad to be missing the EITS show in Oxford. I’m hoping they’ll do a full tour after their European tour since their new album comes out this month.

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