Quick update for the weekend… so far

Last night, I joined Hil from Pint Bottle Photography for the Band of Horses/Avett Brothers show in Tuscaloosa. Band of Horses sounded great live. So did the Avett Brothers. When they walked out on stage, I was a bit surprised. I was expecting these guys:

But apparently, they shaved the beards and got haircuts that make them look like a British pop band.

Image aside, they sounded great and put on a great show.


Today was the 7th Annual Autism Crawfish Boil at 1048 in Montgomery. Hail the Titans and Hellakopta of Love played inside while some singer-songwriters performed outside.

I’ve been told that I will be on the 9 p.m. news on WCOV (I think) if you’re in central Alabama. That’s in about 10 minutes.

I was told they raised a lot of money, and we were happy just to be part of such a great cause. It was great to see so many people volunteer their time and talents, working together to help.

In a few minutes, I’m heading out to the Independent in Auburn to see The Black Racers play. Originally, they were playing with a band called Bloody Knives and Tunguska, but I have since heard one of the bands dropped off the bill. I’m not sure which one.

More news later.


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