Why Jubilee Seafood and Bud’s will never see a dime from me

On Saturday, I saw a great thing – volunteers, musicians and members of the community joined together for a great cause – raising money for Easter Seals of Central Alabama, a nonprofit organization that helps those with autism and other disabilities.

The owner of 1048 (who also owns Santa Barbara Trading Co.) was gracious enough to allow his venue to be used for the annual crawfish boil again this year. Great food, great music, great people and positivity all around.

Unfortunately, during this great event, I had the misfortune of meeting a man named “Bud,” who happens to own Jubilee Seafood and Bud’s, both in the Old Cloverdale area of Montgomery.

There are many words to describe Bud, but the most G-rated ones would be rude, angry and very unprofessional.

Here is the story:

As the band arrived to perform at the benefit on Saturday, a parking lot behind the venue was roped off. Some lady was near it and moved the rope to allow us to drive into the parking lot so we could unload our equipment. The parking lot is in front of Jubilee Seafood, which was not open yet. From what I understand, they would be opening around the time the benefit show would be ending.

We began to unload equipment when an angry Bud came walking out. Rudely, he began asking us if we saw the ropes. We explained that we did, but a lady moved it. We don’t know who the lady was.

He explained that he owned the parking lot and we had to move as soon as we finished unloading. So we finished unloading and then moved the van.

Before moving the van, I asked one of the volunteers where we could park. I was told that Bud was allowing the use of the parking lot that is directly beside 1048 for volunteers until 6 p.m. I was told that someone had just minutes before talked to him on the phone about it. So I then moved the van to that parking lot.

As I was pulling the van into that parking lot, an angry Bud again emerged from the Jubilee Seafood building. His face was almost shaking with anger as he started in on me with something like, “Didn’t I just tell you not to park here?”

I have worked in customer service before. I can understand dealing with people who are, ahem, not in the best of moods. However, as a business owner, I would have expected maybe an ounce of professionalism on his part. He did not deliver on that expectation, to say the least.

I explained that after we left the other parking lot, I had asked where we could go and was told that someone had just talked to him on the phone. Also, keep in mind that there were many other cars in the parking lot that belonged to the volunteers for the event.

While continuing to speak down to me, I politely said this (paraphrased): “Sir, we’re not trying to cause any trouble. We are volunteering our time for a good cause helping raise money at this autism event. This is our way of giving back. That’s all we’re trying to do.”

This seemed to enrage Bud as he apparently thought this was now a competition. He claimed that he has done more for autistic children than I  ever have or something like that. During this exchange, he lost his cool (or what little he had to begin with) and dropped the ol’ “F-bomb” in the sentence.

That’s correct. Even though I was being polite, this local business owner decided to curse at me before telling me that this event was “pushed” on him.

You heard right – people raising money for autism prior to his business hours and hoping to be able to temporarily park in a parking lot is “pushing” on this business owner who claims to have helped autistic children. Classy, right?

At that point, I decided that I was not there to be cursed at and talked down to by a rude, vulgar low-life, and told him to step away from the van so I could move it out of his precious parking lot.

Instead of moving immediately as I had just instructed, he said, “Are you telling me to move back?!”

I’m really not sure how “Step back away from the van so I can move it out of your parking lot” can be misconstrued as anything else, but maybe along with rude and unprofessional, we can add “stupid” to his list of negatives.

So I said (paraphrasing, but admittedly, my politeness for this cretin had run its course), “Yes, move the fuck back so I can get the fuck out of your parking lot. I’m not here to be cursed at by you. You want this van gone. I’m trying to move it.”

His response, “You need to learn how to talk to people,” which is the point that my band members and friends nearby corrected him, saying, “No, YOU need to learn how to talk to people!”

For the record, we were very polite and understanding until he dropped that first “F-bomb.” At that point, we were done.

So that is why I will never spend another dime in Bud’s or Jubilee Seafood. And I encourage others to do the same.

I think our money is better spent supporting businesses, like 1048, who allow fundraising events and give back to the community.


33 thoughts on “Why Jubilee Seafood and Bud’s will never see a dime from me

  1. He has always been a jackass as far back as I can remember. I have not been to his restaurant or bar in years for that reason.

  2. Sorry to hear about that Josh. You guys definitely didn’t deserve treatment like that. I will not support these establisments again. We need more people like you in this world. On this day, I rebuke him in the name of Jesus, Amen. Everyone have a blessed day.

  3. I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting him years ago. He is by far one of the most foul mouthed, hateful, and rudest SOBs around town. I vowed years ago that I would never even step foot into any of his establishments!

  4. Glad you stayed solid. Everyone is struggling now-especially those in the local entertainment industry-wether you own a band or a restaurant.. So he really had no excuse. Thanks for not letting this man (with obvious mental issues hopefully he is able2 get help for) keep you from maintaining the attitude it takes to keep creating in this city. I’d report him to the better business bureau-even if just a parking lot owner this is just bad business
    I agree, the loss of local support should be an immediate consequence for not sharing space nicely.

  5. Well, I’ve only been in Bud’s once and thanks to this story, I will not be back. Reputation and word of mouth advertising can make or break a small business. Apparently he doesn’t understand that. Let the boycott begin!

  6. Some people, i.e. Bud Skinner, seem doomed to destroy themselves. Bad attitude, bad food. Probably experienced some child-hood trauma, so let’s relate to him as the spoiled, self-centered child he continues to be.

  7. I have not been to any of these places in quite a while, but as I remember a few years ago he was having cars towed from that side parking lot when he wasn’t open for business and Kat and Harri’s was closed down. I knew a couple people getting towed while drinking at 1048, it was really asinine. Seems like there was a riff between him and 1048’s owner, maybe he is mad about 1048 taking Kat and Harri’s business or something, not sure. It was always a lot cooler place with better service anyhow. Looks like he is digging his own grave, may the power of the internet be with you.

  8. Those of you who don’t know bud nor have enough of a life to something better than go on about one confrontation between a musician (who gaining exposure…not just for charity) and a restauranteur who has supported this community for years (wheather its was through charity or the employment and tax base he created) probably should put the iphone down and realize there’s more than one side to a story.

  9. It’s funny how every other business owner in Cloverdale was angry that day…except Doug at 1048. He is so generous because he is making $ and so was your band garnering exposure. Don’t give me the autism cop out. You aren’t at the Therapeutic Center swimming with autistic kids so don’t try to act like you are such a saint. You are an asshole and your “roadie” basically said as much and that you could care less about autism. Only the exposure, which you are trying to garner more of now with your one-sided story, based not in fact or historical knowledge of this ongoing problem, but on one self serving persons point of view. I’m happy for the event and am happy it growing! Maybe they should get their own space next year or do it on Sunday when as many other businesses won’t be affected! Bud has done more for “the Community” of Cloverdale and provided more jobs and tax revenue and good things in general than you ever will! You dont know Bud Skinner and you are pissing in the wind, no matter how good you feel about it. Get over yourself dude and change your banner pic…if you want intelligent people to take you seriously

    • Chris, I’m not trying to act like a “saint.” I’m just telling people about my first time meeting Bud, and how I was treated. You may call me names or talk about a banner pic, but it doesn’t change the facts that happened.

      • Chris, attacking Josh is not the way to make your point. He is allowed to voice his opinion. I will say, and have said to Josh, that he was misinformed on the real issue Bud was having. He simply wanted enough parking (10 parking spots) to accommodate his guests coming for dinner service. Especially, considering he needed the parking for a party that called ahead to let them know they would be there for dinner service, a dinner that was likely to be one of the last dinners the mother would have with her family because she has a terminal illness. The way he handled the situation as described by Josh was extreme and rude, but at some level warranted if you take into account Bud’s past experiences (going back years!) with Doug and his patrons. I would like to reinterate my main point. Josh should not be attacked for voicing his opinion. Finally, I want to state: Josh is all about his bands and his music, however I know for a fact that Josh cares about people and their misfortunes. He was there to play (for FREE) to help the cause. 🙂

    • From what I heard, NO other business owner in Cloverdale was angry that day EXCEPT Bud. Everyone knows Bud is a total dick. You must be one of his lackeys licking his feet to keep your job.

  10. Yeah Bud had a private party at the old Kat n Harry’s rental of which included the parking lot. Hence the rope.

  11. I understand that Bud Skinner frequently has private parties at the old Kat & Harrie’s. I’m reasonably sure that he has no liquor license for that location; unsure about this “contribution” to the Cloverdale community.

  12. Being in the customer service/food & beverage industry in this market for over 10 years, it has been made clear that over-active egos tend to suck up any positive aspects of their actual businesses. Eventually, people spend more time catering to such a particularly crappy personality and it takes away from the businesses’ reputation enough to turn the public away. Bud Skinner and his antics are no exception. If you ask anyone, you get the same answer….jack-ass. Now, how does that happen if he is so “community-spirited”? On top of that, what is wrong with a simple explanation about said upcoming private party to you and your band members at the beginning of this confrontation? I am sure that would have been sufficient, don’t you?

  13. I’m sorry you feel this way about Bud. Though I was not there to witness the confrontation, I did witness the hassle of trying to get to Jubilee/Kat & Harri’s on Saturday evening, and not to attend the crawfish boil, since I already dedicate hundreds of hours of my life working with Autistic kids (and not by eating soggy crawfish and getting smashed in a bar, ahem, 1048 where band members openly smoke weed and do lines of cocaine out the back door and in the parking lot). I know that parking lot situation has been a pain in the ass for a while, and I’m sure he’s fed up with the trouble that it has caused him (and it has caused A LOT). Bud is not a bad guy, period. He may be an asshole at times, but if you know anything about him you’d know he’s been involved in the community, including working directly with Autistic kids for year and years. However, to get to my point, all this blog does is make me not respect you or your band…whoever they are…especially after seeing the banner on here and your outright disrespect to someone who has an respected and established place in Cloverdale and in the community. The confrontation, and Bud’s reaction, may have gotten out of proportion, but either way, I doubt that what you are saying is going to have much of a negative reaction on Bud’s or Jubilee, especially since most of their regular loyal customers are people that will continue to be regular loyal customers and spend lots of money in Bud’s establishments in the future…myself included.

    • If you want to continue to support someone who, as you say, “may be an asshole at times,” that is your choice. I will choose to save my money for businesses and business owners who show an ounce of decency and respect to people they interact with.

      • It’s comments like:
        “especially since most of their regular loyal customers are people that will continue to be regular loyal customers and spend lots of money in Bud’s establishments in the future…myself included.”
        amongst another 25 comments that say otherwise, that make you think this sort of customer (re: old dirty Montgomery “connections” — a.k.a “circle jerks) is a dying breed.
        Thank God.

        Thanks for sharing!

  14. It is unfortunate that your first encounter with Bud Skinner was such a bad one. Clearly, you don’t have the slightest idea of what he and the rest of us business owners have to put up with. Your pal Doug, and his bar, are a cancer to OUR neighborhood. He allows drugs to be done and sold every night in his establishment!! You call that giving back to your community? The bands are allowed to sit out back and do whatever they please. I’m not saying that you are part of that, but you are endorsing this sleaze bag. The fact is, that man doesn’t care about children. He looks at the crawfish boil as one of his biggest business days of the year. He has said that to me!! Yes the ticket sales go to charity, but not the booze sales. And believe me, the party is not over when the volunteers and crawfish run out. It costs us money every year. If the organization had any gumption, they would keep the fundraising for sick CHILDREN away from such filth as 1048. The parking lot, which was blocked off by the Montgomery Police Department by order of the Chief himself, has been an issue for years. Bud, having a private party that night, was nice enough even to let a few people park in it. You don’t understand the gravity and sheer frustration of this situation when it came to a head. How could you? Unfortunatley, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I assure you that Bud is 10 times the man as your friend Doug. From coaching little league, donating money and food, to hosting charity events himself, Bud Skinner is a true pillar to the community of Cloverdale. By the way, the MPD is in the middle of a movement to shut the “sleaze ball” down. So if that’s where your band gets it’s gigs, you better get them in now.

  15. I would like to cosign with what Cloverdale Business Owner said. Bud cooks such delicious seafood that his parking lot is consistently full. When 1048 patrons take those spots, it literally drives business away from the restaurant.

    Since Bud owns the lot, he should have the right to dictate who can park there. Most nights, he just lets it slide. After all, people eat at his restaurant and migrate by foot to the other bars. (One of which he owns.) The night in question, he had to cordon the lot, because otherwise it would be overrun. The reason he may have come off as so defensive is that there is a history, going back years, of 1048 patrons filling his lot. I’m sorry you had to be exposed to that without warning. Perhaps Doug should have told you he has had a falling out with the lot owner…

    Everything CBO said about 1048, also, is true. I’ve personally witnessed vagrants putting cocaine up their noses behind the bar. Drugs have been dealt by people in the bar, whether employees or patrons. In years gone by, the bar was well known as serving under age. For that reason, 1048 now has to be a stickler for carding.

    1048 can be a fun place to grab a drink and hear some music. Also, I hope the Easter Seals continue to raise money for their cause. But don’t make any illusions that Doug is a knight in shiny armor.

    In fact, Doug can be quite a weirdo. Cloverdale locals will tell you he will go check out Bud’s 2 or 3 times a night on the weekends. Walks right in the door, does a quick walkthrough, speaks to no one, and walks back to his own bar. Very strange…

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