And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Now that the word seems to be sufficiently out about what happened on Saturday, I can get back to other things and a return to positivity on this blog. But before that, I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to all the people who have sent me replies, comments and messages of support. It means a lot to me, and it is much appreciated.

In a couple of days, Hail the Titans has the great pleasure of joining Birmingham-based The Great American Breakdown in opening for instrumental rockers Maserati. We are very excited about this show. It’s this Thursday at Bottletree in Birmingham. Click here for the Facebook event with more details. Here is the poster:

On Friday, we’re excited to be joining our friends New Terminus for a show at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta. Click here for the Facebook event with all the details. Here is the poster for that show:

Now we need your help:

1. Please tell your friends in or around the Birmingham and Atlanta areas about these shows. We very much appreciate your support in getting the word out!

2. If you are in Birmingham and would not mind a rock band sleeping on your couch, floor, chair, etc. on Thursday night, please let us know. We are house-trained and will keep the barking to a minimum.

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