Different, original and exciting

Yesterday, one of my favorite bands – Death Cab for Cutie – did something very different and, as far as I know, completely original. For the video of their new single “You are a Tourist,” they decided to film it live – one take – and stream it online.

I did not see it live, however. If you missed it like I did, visit youareatourist.com and check it out. They did a great job. The song is excellent (and there is a lead guitar part that Ben Gibbard plays that is still stuck in my head), the lighting is interesting and the video turned out great.

A live video shoot is just a very cool concept.

As far as exciting goes, all of us in Hail the Titans are very excited about the show tomorrow at Bottletree. We, along with The Great American Breakdown, are opening for Maserati! Yes, Maserati! If you haven’t heard them, check out this video:

And Friday, we are very excited to join our friends in New Terminus at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta.

I saw New Terminus play once at the Independent in Auburn. Easy Kiddo was on that show, and I remember them sounding great and covering “How it Feels to be Something On” by Sunny Day Real Estate. It’s rare that someone can pull off a SDRE cover, but I must admit that New Terminus did it. I was impressed, and am excited to share the stage with them once again.

Random thought: I think the word “thesaurus” should have something to do with dinosaurs.


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