So. Much. Stuff.

There are so many stories and events from the past few days; I’m not exactly sure where to start or how much detail to go into. I guess I’ll start by posting the Hail the Titans Facebook status from yesterday:

“The last couple of days have been great. We played shows with Maserati, The Great American Breakdown and New Terminus. There was sleeping in a van, brushing teeth at truck stops, hotel room shenanigans, tequila, streaking and we’re pretty sure we saw a hooker.”

First of all, the bands we played with and opened for were all very good, and you should do yourself a favor and check them out.

Here is a photo of us at a truck stop in Georgia, as taken by our friend Marc who acted as our official “Merch Girl” this past weekend. (Yes, even if a male helps us out, the position is still called “Merch Girl.”)

And here is one he took while we were brushing our teeth (after sleeping in the van the night before.)

As you can see, we are a clean people.

Um… as far as the “streaking” part of that status update, you’ll notice it comes right after the word “tequila.” Those two things are directly related. The lesson (and proposed warning label) is: Tequila may lead to nudity. Take note.

That may be all the detail I’m at liberty to divulge at the moment; so in the meantime, enjoy this video that our friend Kevin Burnes (@StickDelScorcho) made from a live performance last month in Panama City Beach. We’re working with him on getting back down there this summer.


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