I’m finally getting a chance to listen to “The King of Limbs,” the newest Radiohead album, in its entirety.

I’m a Radiohead fan. I have been for a long time. I have to say the only album that doesn’t fall into the “masterpiece” category for me was “Pablo Honey.” I would vote that music history books consider that a “demo” album and “The Bends” to be where it all started.

Anyway, back to “The King of Limbs.”

I like it.

I’ve heard many mixed reviews. Some have said it sounded like B-sides from the “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” recording sessions. Some have complained about it only being eight songs. Some have said it was too quiet, sleepy, etc.

But really, these songs are good songs. They are quiet and sleepy, especially when compared to much of their previous work, but it doesn’t take away from the tones and complexities of the sounds and arrangements. Is the album “too short?” Yes, we can always use more Radiohead.

The reason I titled this post “Codex” is because that song, the sixth on the album, really stood out to me. It comes right after the single “Lotus Flower,” and it has a haunting quality that immediately caught my attention.

[UPDATE]: Check out this article: “Stanley Donwood On Radiohead’s ‘The Universal Sigh’ Newspaper.” Thanks to Jason Snellgrove (Breaking Aim and The Rhythm, Flip the Switch, 12th Hour) for sharing.

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