Familiar Faces, etc.

Last night, I saw the video for “El Paso,” the new single from Taking Back Sunday. While watching the video, I noticed the bassist and the guitarist who was singing background looked different, familiar even.

It turns out I was right, although this news may be old to some of you. Apparently, their original guitarist and bassist (who left TBS and formed Straylight Run) are back. Now, I am interested in what direction that will lead them musically. I thought “New Again” was a great album, and I liked what they did on the “Live from Orensanz” album as well, but with any lineup change, the musical direction can also change.

According to an Alt Press article, the lineup change was announced in March of 2010, so I guess I’m more than a year behind on this.

Oh well, you can see the “El Paso” video by clicking here.

In beer news, Free the Hops is officially boycotting Anheuser-Busch (and their distributors in the state.)

Here is the headline from their site as of this morning: “Breaking: Free the Hops boycotts Anheuser-Busch and their distributors in Alabama.”

Free the Hops is the organization that pushed for legislation allowing high gravity beers to be sold in Alabama. Previously, beer was limited to six percent alcohol by volume.

Recently, they have turned their efforts to legislation that allows home brewing and more brew pubs, which would bring more craft beer choices to the state. According to the article, the boycott “is a direct response to their efforts against our bills.”

[CORRECTION]: Free the Hops is currently pushing bills that would allow for brewery tours, tasting rooms and gourmet beer in larger bottles (22 oz. and 750 ml.), not home brewing legislation. My apologies for the error.


3 thoughts on “Familiar Faces, etc.

  1. Actually Free The Hops doesn’t officially support homebrewing legislation. They are currently pushing two bills: the Brewery Modernization Act (allows for brewery tours & tasting rooms) and the Gourmet Bottle Bill (22oz and 750ml).

    • We do too support homebrew legalization. I just sent out an email to our 4000 supporters asking them to call their representatives in preparation for a floor vote.

      However, we are not the ones primarily pushing this issue. A group of individual homebrewers and homebrew clubs wanted to taken this on independently of Free the Hops (we were pretty busy with our other bills). They’ve done a great job, and we absolutely support their efforts!

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