Happenings… and other things

First, the happenings:

Hail the Titans is playing some Gulf Coast shows this weekend:

Friday, in Pensacola, Fla. with Mr. Fahrenheit. The show is at the Big Easy Tavern, 710 N. Palafox St. Starts at 9:30. Click here for a link to the event listing on GoPensacola.com.

Saturday, in Ocean Springs, Miss. with Dark Horizon and Sibylic. This is our return to The Squeaky Lizard. We had a great time there in January and are excited to return. Details: $5… 6 p.m… 18+.

If you’re in Montgomery this Saturday, stop by Organic Hippie (Vaughn Plaza shopping center by Head on the Door.) They are having their Customer Appreciation Day, which will include reggae music, fire-breathing, discounts on everything in the store and food from Chris’s Hot Dogs. Starts at 5 p.m.

Now for the other things…

FactCheck.org looked into claims made by Rev. Franklin Graham that earthquakes, wars and famines are occurring “with more frequency and more intensity.” The article is titled “Rev. Graham and the Signs of Armageddon.” Is his statement true? Spoiler alert: not so much.

In sad news, Christopher Hitchens has lost his voice to esophageal cancer. Here is an article from The Christian Post: “Facing Death, Christopher Hitchens Affirms Atheism.” Side note: Is it just me, or do the comments on news stories tend to devolve into pointlessness?

And here is more conspiracy theory talk from “The Donald” in his public embrace of the “birther” movement: “Donald Trump Tells Anderson Cooper Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Missing.”


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