“Now that the lights are out, let’s talk business”

If some members of Mr. Fahrenheit or Eerie Rockwell see the title of this post, they’ll get it. Kind of an inside joke from Friday. Those things happen when you have a house full of musicians at 3 a.m. when people are falling asleep.

So, be sure to check those bands out. Hail the Titans played with Mr. Fahrenheit on Friday at the Big Easy Tavern in Pensacola, Fla. and we’ll be playing there again on June 4 with Eerie Rockwell (and possibly Mr. Fahrenheit again as well.)

Big thanks to Robert and Ben from Mr. Fahrenheit for hooking us up with a place to stay and to Toni for cooking breakfast for us.

I just saw where Friday’s show got a mention in “Bar Beats” on GoPensacola.com. Very cool.

Yesterday, we went to Ocean Springs, Miss. and visited the beach before playing another great show at The Squeaky Lizard. Check out the bands Dark Horizon and Sibylic. That’s who we shared the bill with. Both bands were great and super nice people.

After the show, they had “punk rock karaoke.” Last time we played there, I actually sang a Jimmy Eat World song. This time, Adam rocked “The Widow” by The Mars Volta. Someone sang some Journey, and ever time I hear that song, I think of the Family Guy episode where they start a band after doing a karaoke version of that song at the Drunken Clam.

The Squeaky Lizard is an awesome venue. You may remember reading about them and the problems they were having with a neighbor. They have done a lot of soundproofing, and the complaints seem to have stopped. Even still, we delivered three pages of signatures from Montgomery area people supporting their efforts, so thanks to all the people who signed the paper and the online petition.

Also, big thanks to the venue owners, Lance and Tanya (I hope you’re feeling better), Carl and Rachel from Scream Until They Hear Us and Paul “Pauly Glasses” for hooking us up with a place to stay. (He is also a very good artist, for the record.)


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