Bros Icing Bros

Last night, Hail the Titans played at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa with the band Dead Balloons.

Our friend Codey from The Great American Breakdown was at the show, and I saw him get “iced.” Yes, someone purchased a Smirnoff Ice and put it in front of him while he was looking away, and he dropped to one knee and chugged it. It went much different from the time Daniel Tosh did it (click here for the Tosh.0 video.)

The show was a lot of fun. The staff and the people were very nice, and the sound was great.

We got some food at Mellow Mushroom around the corner prior to the show. I decided to try something different, so I got the avocado hoagie (half). It was quite good.

Thanks to all the people who dropped off items at Organic Hippie and brought items to us to take to T-Town. (And thanks to Stacey for allowing her business to be a collection point for the items.) We were able to bring bags of clothes and other necessities that will help people in need up there.

Thanks to our friends Zach and Samantha for driving up to the show and bringing bags of donations with them as well (and for helping get the word out via Twitter.)

And in case you were unaware, sinus infections are not fun. At all. And while they are not fun, and irrigating sinuses can help (while also not being fun), this video about sinus irrigation is funny:

The sun should be up soon. I’m going to sleep.


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