So I’ve used “in the news” before…

I do try to change up the titles of these posts once in awhile even if something simple would work more than once. So it’s not just “in the news,” even though that would work as posted a story about the Tornado Relief Show this Sunday. Click here for the article which contains a photo by Pint Bottle Photography.

Along with the other bands at the Tornado Relief Show (Pseudo Nein, .50 Cal Syndicate, Fear the Jackalope, Sunday School Riot), we (Hail the Titans) are excited to play Friday night with Rowe and Saturday night with Sun Hotel.

Today is the official release date for Manchester Orchestra’s “Simple Math” album, which, as I’m typing this, is still streaming online. Yesterday, I said it was on Columbia Records, but other info I’ve read said they were still on Favorite Gentlemen Records, which is distributed by Sony… I think. It’s streaming on Columbia’s website, which is why I posted that, but the copyright at the bottom is Sony, and other sources say Favorite Gentlemen. There have been so many changes, mergers, buy-outs, etc. in the music industry in the past decade, I can’t really keep up. You know what? Bottom line: Just check the album out and buy it. It’s good.

Check out X-Games BMX rider Tom Haugen’s review of “Simple Math” at The Byke Rack.


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