“The man of much wordage”

Yesterday, Jason Snellgrove of Flip the Switch and Breaking Aim & The Rhythm referred to me as “the man of much wordage,” so I’m periodically using it as somewhat of a tag line. But I’m posting this in fairness to the person who coined the phrase and so you’ll know where it came from.

Thus sayeth “the man of much wordage.”

I have now officially seen the Explosions in the Sky “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” vinyl edition, and I must say, along with being a phenomenal album (especially on vinyl), the packaging is very original and creative. It’s a double LP, with side D having designs etched in it like their previous three full length vinyl releases, but the casing is different this time. It folds out four times, has a poster and an outer sleeve. Forget me describing it… Look:

(Click image to see larger version.)

Also, Pint Bottle Photography has posted a few more galleries, including photos from the recent acoustic show I was part of that included a chill set by Breaking Aim & The Rhythm, Clint Darby and To All My Dear Friends.

See the entire gallery here.

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