Stories from the road

For Hail the Titans, this weekend has been busy, fun, frustrating, funny and a host of other adjectives I just cannot think of at the moment.

Friday’s show at Head on the Door with Rowe went very well. We got to debut a new song, met and hung out with some cool people and just had a great time.

Saturday, as I was going on about two hours of sleep, we got in Ragnarok (our van) and headed toward Mobile for our show with Sun Hotel at The Blind Mule. I think we were just a little past the exit for Atmore on I-65 South, somewhere near mile markers 49 and 50, when Ragnarok had a problem.

Hello side of the road on Twitpic

I don’t know much of anything about vehicles. I admit it. Adam is more familiar with these things and saw that a tension pulley (I think that’s what it is) bracket and belt had broken, losing power steering and causing the van to overheat. As we’re on the side of the interstate, Trey and Wes begin walking south to see mile marker signs while Adam and I stayed with the van.

We ended up getting the van and trailer towed to nearby Bay Minette to an O’Reilly Auto Parts store (that had just closed). As we were stuck and trying to figure out a way to get to the venue (after all that, we were still ready to play a rock show), Wes’s dad called to say that one of his friends lives in Bay Minnette, about a mile from where we were, and that he was picking us up, hooking the trailer to his Tahoe and that we were going to make the show.

Mr. Bill Duck went out of his way to get us to the show, even sticking around, watching us play and driving us back to Bay Minette.

The show went well. The staff and people at the Blind Mule are always very kind to us. All the guys in Sun Hotel were very nice, and they play great music and like delay pedals as much as we do.

Once back at the van, we went across the street to Waffle House for some food. After getting a bit of sleep, we began trying to figure out how to get the van running. Mr. Duck stopped by to check on us. We were told the bracket we needed was a dealer part and none of the stores had it. Since it was a Sunday, this was not looking good, but Mr. Duck took the part to his house and welded it. Good as new.

During this time, Wes’s parents were heading our way from Prattville. I don’t know what we would have done without Mr. Duck and Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. If any of you are reading this, thank you for everything! The staff at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Bay Minette were also very helpful and extremely nice.

Also, there was a mouse under the van. He looked like he was sleeping, but we think he was sick or something because he didn’t move much, except for breathing and adjusting his sleeping position. Adam tried to feed it a piece of waffle, but he didn’t even touch it.

Sleeping mouse under the van on Twitpic

Yesterday, the doors at the Blue Iguana in Prattville opened at 3 p.m. for a benefit show raising money for the Red Cross to help out with tornado relief from last month’s devastating storms. Our original plan was to be back from Mobile at least by the time the doors opened, but alas, plans changed when the van became inoperable.

Once the van was running again and we were able to get on the road, it was at least 4 p.m.

Unfortunately, we missed sets by Sunday School Riot, Fear the Jackalope and .50 Cal Syndicate. We got to the venue about 7 p.m. as Pseudo Nein was setting up, so we at least got to see them perform. Thanks to Joe Collins from Pseudo Nein for letting us use his bass rig and Vonny Nguyen from .50 Cal Syndicate for letting us use his guitar rack. (If I’m missing any thanks, I apologize. We’ve had a lot of people helping us out this weekend, and I hope I’m not leaving anyone out. All the help and support is greatly appreciated.)

All in all, even with the negatives, we had a great time. I think Wes summed it up well when he posted on Facebook: “Van broke down on the interstate. Being towed now. As much as it sucks, we’re making memories. Yes!”

That’s one thing about this band, even when we’re put in negative situations, we can still have a good time. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, helped promote, told your friends, and continue to show us so much love and support. It means a lot to us, and we can’t thank you enough.

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