A weekend full of Mogwai

If you, after reading some of the past posts on this blog, were still unaware that I’m a fan of the band Mogwai, allow me to clear things up: I am a Mogwai fan.

Tomorrow, the Scottish rock band is performing in Birmingham, Ala. at WorkPlay, and everyone in Hail the Titans is heading that way. I have never seen them before, but I’ve heard good things about their live show, as well as some live recordings such as their “BBC Sessions” album and the most recent “Special Moves” live album.

(Promo photo by Steve Gullick, courtesy of the Sub Pop Records website.)

Also, on Friday, they are playing at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. The Center Stage, if you haven’t been there, is three venues in one building – the Theater, for big shows (I saw Sunny Day Real Estate there a couple of years ago, and Glassjaw played there recently), the medium-sized Loft, and Vinyl, the smallest of the the three.

Well this Friday, literally two doors down from Mogwai, in the same building, Hail the Titans is joining our friends Ricer and a band called Cielo for a show at Vinyl. In fact, if you have a Mogwai ticket, you can get into our show for free. From what I understand, our show will have music during the intermission between Errors (the opening band that’s signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action Records) and Mogwai, as well as afterwards. After party, anyone?

If you’re on Facebook, and you plan on coming to the show Friday, here is the event listing. Go ahead and click “attending.”

Now I just have to make sure I can fit all of that into the weekend with attending a wedding, taking pictures and doing normal “life” things (like laundry, for example). Wish me luck.

Also, Hillary Andrews of Pint Bottle Photography posted some photos from last month’s show at Bottletree when we played with Maserati and the Great American Breakdown. There are plenty of live shots, as well as some shots of us just hanging out, such as these:

Click here to see the entire gallery.


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