Weekend Recap: If you’re reading this, you are a sinner

So yesterday, the rapture happened at approximately 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (or was it 6 p.m.?), which means, if you’re reading this, well… you’re a sinner.

Apparently, Allah, Jehovah, Zeus, Jesus, Joseph Smith, the Holy Ghost and Space Ghost had a round table discussion – no, Xenu wasn’t there… Scientology? Really? – and they decided that you were going to be stuck here awhile longer.

The reason is that they wanted you to read this blog. And because you are a sinner. But back to reading this blog. They want you to read it. It’s true. They told me. In a dream. I’m sorry… the proper term is “vision.” Admittedly, I am a bit sleep deprived, but that doesn’t make it any less visionary or Dreamsicle… er… dream-like.

So this is what’s been going on recently:

Thursday, all of Hail the Titans, and our friend Amy, went to WorkPlay in Birmingham, Ala. to see Mogwai. We saw Johnny and Beth from Hellakopta of Love there, and Joseph from Medicine Chest, too.

Errors was the opening band. They were very good. Their music had a lot of electronic, dance type stuff, but it was mixed with ambient post-rock guitar noise – a very nice mixture, actually.

Mogwai was amazing. The music, the lights, the background films and images, the guitars… oh, and the pedal boards. So. Many. Pedals. I am man enough to admit that I may have suffered a case of “pedal envy,” and that Freud would have, too, if he were a musician.

It was a fantastic show, and I got to meet Mogwai guitarist John Cummings, who, along with being a great guitarist in one of my favorite bands, is also very nice.

Friday night, Hail the Titans joined Ricer and Cielo at Vinyl in Atlanta, which is part of the Center Stage complex that also includes The Loft and the Theater (which is where Mogwai and Errors were playing – right next door! In the same building!) Anyone that had a Mogwai ticket was able to get into our show for free. After party!

The show was a lot of fun. And while Vinyl may be the “small” venue of the Center Stage complex, it’s still pretty big for an independent band. They have a nice sized stage, great lighting and great sound. Here is a photo Hillary (Pint Bottle Photography) took with her phone:

And here are some photos that Tracey from Rock Science Atlanta sent out via Twitter from her phone:

Oh… and Hillary also took this photo of our van, Ragnarok, parked next to the Mogwai tour bus:

Oh yeah… we got to talk with John from Mogwai again, as well as the drummer for Errors (who is  filling in for Mogwai’s regular drummer on this tour). Apparently, they played “Travel is Dangerous” Friday night… and I missed it. I was hoping to hear it Thursday night. But alas, when you have seven full-length albums and a number of EP’s out, you can change your set each night during the tour.

However, at Thursday’s show, the last song they played during the encore was “Glasgow Mega Snake.” (And hearing “New Paths to Helicon Pt. 1” live is amazing.)

Saturday, as sleep-deprived as it had been, included seeing a couple of my friends get married (Congrats to Dave and Rebecca!), a much-needed nap, a punk rock show (Kids on Coffee and Skeptic?), good friends, and laser lights and DJ’s. Oh yeah, and the rapture.

Thanks for reading, sinner.


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