Hometown music events

Years ago, there was a local website and forum that had listings of shows and music discussions for my hometown area of Montgomery, Ala. It was called “Montgomery Sucks” and its goal was for Montgomery not to suck so much. I think Mobile still has a site like that, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, there are some sites that are doing their part to keep you updated with local happenings. I have them listed under “Music Info/Promo” on the “Other Links” page on this site, but if you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to check out MontgomeryMusicScene online and send a friend request to No Loitering on Facebook.

While I am sometimes out of town with Hail the Titans these days, I still want to see my hometown scene grow – I’ve been wanting that for years, actually – so please check those sites out for local happenings, and I’ll try to update about events here as well.

There are some things coming up this weekend.

This Friday at Head on the Door, Music Hates You (from Athens, Ga.) will return and perform with local band Creep List.

Saturday is the first home bout for Montgomery’s roller derby team, The Deadutauntes, as they face off against the Rome Rollergirls. Click here for the Facebook event listing with the details.

That night at Head on the Door will be the official after party for the roller derby bout, featuring the Atlanta-based band, Swank Sinatra.


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