“Nothin’ but net!”

That is the catchphrase of the weekend, thanks to the guys from Swank Sinatra. “What does it all mean,” you ask? Well, you’ll have to ask them. Nothin’ but net.

Congrats to the Deadutauntes on their win yesterday. It was their first home bout against the Rome Rollergirls, and they won… I think it was 90 to 52 or something like that. I don’t remember the exact score, but that’s pretty close.

I’m getting ready to meet up with the rest of the Hail the Titans guys soon. The plan is to shoot some video stuff. Can’t go into too much detail now, but I’ll update as soon as I can. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, enjoy a live version of “New Paths to Helicon Pt. 1” by Mogwai:

Speaking of Mogwai, here is a photo of us in the green room of Vinyl, in Atlanta, when we played the Mogwai after party:

(Photo credit: Pint Bottle Photography.)

And if you’re interested in seeing my backstage green room tour of Vinyl, the video is on Facebook. Click here.


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