Hail the Titans needs your help!

Last night, we (Hail the Titans) launched our IndieGoGo account to raise money to release our new album, “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.” We need your help.

We have set up various levels of “perks” – from $3 to $500 – to help raise at least $1,300 by the end of June. (Of course, more would help, and we can go over goal, but that amount will be a great boost for us.) You can see the different pricing levels and donate via credit card at IndieGoGo.com/HailtheTitans.

On Sunday, we got together with some friends to film a video to raise awareness for the campaign:

The goal was to make it funny, different and entertaining while still getting the message across. With the help of our friends Joe Collins (of Pseudo Nein), Mr. Steve Andrews, Katie Malachinski, Hillary Andrews (of Pint Bottle Photography), Tamara Spann and Shannon Davis (Yours Truly Designs), we were able to shoot both the “hostage” part of the video and the “chili cookoff” scene.

Check out this gallery on the Pint Bottle page with photos from the video shoot. Click here. It includes photos of Wes hog-tied:

Joe and Wes hamming it up:

and Adam and I discussing camera angles:

OK, so back to the IndieGoGo campaign. Some quick notes:

* When you make any contribution of $3 or more, please email me your physical mailing address (or P.O. Box) so we can send you the “Thank You” note. You can reach me at joshcarples [at] gmail [dot] com.

* If your donation is at least $45, I’ll need your t-shirt size. Email that to me. We can get these sizes (adult t’s): XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

* If you live within 50 miles of zip code 36109 and are thinking, “Man, I would like to go with the $350 option or the $500 option, but money is tight,” trust us, we understand. However, here is an idea: Because the acoustic performances and cooking will be at your house, you can invite whomever your want. It’s your house, so your guest list. That being said, while the contribution has to come from one person (it’s on a credit card, after all), I don’t think there are any rules that would prohibit you and your friends pooling your money together to make that happen. So if you want us playing some acoustic solo stuff in your house and/or throwing down our culinary skills in your kitchen, you might still be able to make that happen.

In the meantime, please help us by donating and spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Here is the link: IndieGoGo.com/HailtheTitans.


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