There’s no fest like Nophest

Yesterday, Nophest 2011, which is taking place in Atlanta for the 5th year this August, began announcing some of the band lineups. Click here for the Facebook event with more details.

The festival is described as a “non-corporate, no-bullshit music festival thrown every year in Atlanta” that showcases “up-and-coming talent and left-field experimentalism in music and art.”

Hail the Titans is proud to be part of it this year. We will be playing on the 529 stage on Saturday, Aug. 27 at 10 p.m., right after our friends Mice in Cars, and before band such as Fish Hawk, The Ascent of Everest and Nigredo.

You may recognize the name Mice in Cars as we played with them at the Drunken Unicorn recently, and I posted about their new EP, which can be heard here.

Big thanks to Nophi Recordings for setting up the lineup. (Be sure to check out the Rock Science lineup the night before.)

You can see a listing of all upcoming Hail the Titans shows by clicking the “Info” tab on our Facebook page.


Chris and Andie of Headless Dinosaur Recording, which is where Hail the Titans recorded “Hymns of Mare Nostrum,” have a cat named Phantom.

Phantom is having a health problem, and they are trying to raise money to help. They’re using IndieGoGo to help raise money to get surgery for Phantom to fix a urethral obstruction condition.

If you want to help, you can visit the IndieGoGo site set up for Phantom and make donations online.

Randomness 10.0 (or something like “rX” if it was a new Mac operating system… but it’s not)

OK, some quick things:

The Hail the Titans‘ fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo is currently at $1420, which is $120 over our goal! There are only four days left, so if you’ve been wanting any of the extra things we’re offering – the DVD-R of the first show, a t-shirt, the band cooking you dinner, etc. – act fast.

In band-related news, I have now heard the final master of “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.” As you probably know, we recorded and mixed with Chris Lantrip of Headless Dinosaur Recording in Montgomery. The album was mastered by Jamie Uertz at Sarcophagus Studios in Opelika.

Speaking of Jamie and Sarcophagus, when I met up with him to get the master, he had just finished tracking drums for Vyathist, a band (“super group” may be a better phrase) featuring members from Weak Music for Thomas, No, Braswell and many others.

You should be excited for that recording – first of all, because of the band members and who was recording them. You know they put out quality work. Secondly, because of the room they recorded drums in. It’s nice and big with high ceilings.

One more thing, the blog “The Local Scene” posted an interesting article titled, “Indie vs. The Label.” In the article, they reference the Hail the Titans’ IndieGoGo campaign that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. You should read it.

Thank you, Dothan

Last night, I had the opportunity to perform some of my solo material at The Featured Players Theatre in Dothan, Ala.

I like that place. It’s true community theater. The seats are old couches and living room chairs. There is a stage, painted black, and some lighting. It has that DIY – “we do this because we love it” – vibe to it, and I think that’s awesome.

I performed my set between performances by Richard Cass and Bobby Hill.

Richard is in a band called “Volunteer Cass,” from Atlanta. He performed the songs solo last night, but if you want to hear the band version (and you should), go to their Bandcamp page. Click here.

Bobby is a Dothan native. He has been in bands over the years such as Hadji and the Turbans and For the Birds. Unfortunately, I never got to see either of the bands, but I have had the pleasure of catching two of his solo performances now. He is a great singer/songwriter, and was also kind enough to offer a place to crash while in Dothan.

It was a good night for music, and the people there were very supportive and complimentary. To the people who purchased CDs from me, thank you. I hope you enjoy them.

To add some odd and random “stories from the road” type stuff, um… have you ever been at a bar with friends and had a stranger tell you to go hit on his wife? Because now I have. It was a bit odd and funny all at the same time.

Oh, and my friends Selene and Hillary made some epic burgers today:

#EpicBurger on Twitpic

Cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and Sriracha sauce. Good stuff.

Some hometown music

I have been answering questions for an email interview with an online magazine/blog this morning (more on that later), and some questions have dealt with the music scene in Montgomery, Ala. I have been doing music for awhile now and have seen the many changes over the years. In fact, I was just talking to some folks last night (including Johnny and Beth from Hellakopta of Love and Helicity and Sean from Alley Bar) about the more recent things going on in town that were music-related.

Things definitely seem to be growing.

Around the same time, I see where my good friend and fellow musician Kenny Johnson has been posting some music on So I thought this would be a good time to post links so you can hear some music from some Montgomery-based bands. Click the names to visit the related Bandcamp pages and listen to some music.

The Ed Kemper Trio.

Reverse Engineer.

Black Racers.

El Chupa Cobras.

The Hail the Titans demo stuff is also online: So are my solo albums and The Boss and The Rabbi recordings.

Analyzing comment SPAM

Hail the TitansIndieGoGo campaign is currently up to $1,395! That’s $95 over our goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and helped spread the word about it. If you’re interested in getting any of the special perks we’re offering, you’ve got a week left!

Speaking of our IndieGoGo campaign, there is a comment section, and this morning we received our very first SPAM comment. I don’t know if IndieGoGo will delete it at some point, but I plan to leave it there, as well as analyze it here. I’ll post the SPAM in bold to distinguish it from my comments.

Hello dear, the pleasure is mine to come across your profile today. Oh, how sweet. And they called us “dear.”

hope you re (sic) doing fine? Why capitalize the first word of the new sentence? That’s so archaic. And why not make that a question, rather than the statement it should have been? And I’m wondering if they meant “you’re” or “you are”…. hmm…

anyway i just want to ask you for friendship. Oh, how nice. To be fair, we were asking for more than friendship – we need money. Still could use some, actually. But hey! Friendship!

i believe distance will never be a problem for us. Will you look at that?! Not even a first date and already talking about a long-distance relationship! I’m… I’m just not sure that I’m ready.

i will like you to contact me with my private Email (they found the “shift” key!) to enable me send my fotos (sic) to you and also tell you more about myself. You can’t imagine my level of interest now. I mean, they want to send me “fotos.” “Fotos!”

this is my private Email (yea! “shift” key!) address.

And to not keep you in suspense, this is the email they listed:

So there you go. Looking for some “fotos” or to get to know someone? Done. This stuff reminds me of a website you should check out, if you haven’t done so already: It’s the best site I know of for scambaiting.


Update on yesterday’s post and other weekend happenings

Yesterday, along with posting about the Knucklehead guitar string endorsement for Hail the Titans, I gave details about an acoustic show in Dothan this Friday. Another artist has been added to the Dothan show – Richard Cass, who I’m told plays in a band called “Volunteer Cass.”

The start time, price, all-ages aspect, etc. are still the same. The flier has been updated to show Richard’s name:

In film news, Jason Snellgrove, writer/director of “GutMunchers,” has recut a shorter version of the GutMunchers teaser that can be viewed here:

Snellgrove is planning to start raising money soon to go toward filming the long version, and we have discussed me reprising the role of “Vince” when filming starts.

In other news, I don’t post much on this blog that might be considered “too personal,” but apparently, there are rumors that I am dating a close friend of mine. As she and I are both single and definitely not dating,  our friend (and a fellow musician) known as “Rudy Banes” (who sings in The Black Racers) decided to start a Facebook page to raise awareness and quell the rumors. The page is titled “Believe It or Not: They Ain’t Datin’” and it is, appropriately, in the “Aerospace/Defense” category.

OK. With that out of the way, here are some original music-related things going on this weekend:

In Montgomery

T. Junior, front man for the Honky Tonk Hustlas, is performing Friday at Head on the Door. I am not sure what is going on for Saturday.

Other shows around the Southeast worth checking out:

Pocket the Moon is releasing a CD Friday at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. Other artists playing are Richard Parsons and Molly Parden. Really, I have no idea what any of these artist sound like, but the show is being put on by Rock Science, and Tracey tends to have great taste when it comes to bands and music, so if her company is promoting it, you should plan to attend because it will be a good show.

An Atlanta show worth checking out on Saturday is at the Star Bar. Jungol is playing with Winter Ransom and A: The Color.

Also on Saturday, The Squeaky Lizard (a fantastic venue that the people in Ocean Springs, Miss. are lucky to have) is hosting what looks to be a metal show with Dark Horizon, Her Fatal Remedy and Southbound Shadow.

Acoustic show this Friday in Dothan

This Friday, I’ll be playing an acoustic show, opening for my friend Bobby Hill at the Featured Players Theatre in Dothan, Ala. The show starts at 8 p.m. The venue is located at 137 N. St. Andrews St. The cover is $6, and I believe the show is all ages. Here is the flier:

It has been probably three years since I have performed in Dothan. I did an acoustic show there – at the old Featured Players location – prior to releasing my first solo album, “Note from the Georgian Hotel.” In fact, a photo that Trey Baldwin took during an acoustic performance there is used in the inside cover of the album. Marsellus played there a few times as well.

Here is a video from that acoustic show back in 2008:

If you’re in or near Dothan, or have friends or family around that area, please let them know about the show and encourage them to attend.

Knucklehead endorsement

Hail the Titans are proud to announce that we officially endorse Knucklehead guitar strings, and are now part of the Knucklehead “extended family.”

Specifically, Adam and I have been using the medium gauge “Super Mullet” strings:

And for Wes, there are the “DoubleWide” bass strings:

Knucklehead is based in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Another weekend of rock

Here are some bands we (Hail the Titans) played with this weekend that you should check out:

On Friday, we were at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa with Shaman Says and The Great American Breakdown.

Shaman Says is a three-piece indie/punk/rock band with a female drummer who rocks out. They have a good sound, and Andrew was rocking his red biker shorts and headband like a champ.

We have played with The Great American Breakdown once before – back in April when we both opened for Maserati at Bottletree in Birmingham. These guys are really good. Lots of good, loud, energetic rock with some post-rock influences in there.

And while in T-Town, we had some food from Wilhagan’s, which is right next door. I had the Philly cheesesteak, which is a great way to judge a restaurant in my opinion. If they can make a good Philly, they can probably do a lot more as well. And I must say that Wilhagan’s makes a good Philly. You should try their coleslaw; it’s spicy.

Big thanks to our friend Heidi for giving us a place to crash (and to her roommates who didn’t get mad at finding four strangers sprawled out in the living room and spare room.)

On Saturday, we played at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta with Mice in Cars, Order of the Owl and Demonaut.

We got food from a nearby local place called Marco’s Pita before the show. I got a salmon pita with 4-bean salad, and I highly recommend it. The other guys said the hummus was really good as well.

We opened the show, which was put on by Rock Science Radio and Performer Magazine. Our set was streamed live on the venue’s LiveStream page, and if you missed it, you can still watch our entire set by clicking here.

Up next was Mice in Cars – a three-piece band with lots of loud, energetic rock, noise, and the bassist used a cello bow and the drummer had a keyboard, computer and some other noise-making items that he was playing.

Then came Order of the Owl. Metal. Loud. Heavy. And if you play metal and “loud” and “heavy” are not in the description, you’re probably not doing it right. The band features the former bassist from Zoroaster and a lineup of members from other Atlanta bands. (Read the Creative Loafing article about them here.)

Headlining the event was Demonaut. Again – metal, loud, heavy, in all the right ways. “Heavy” may not really describe the level of “heavy” that I am referring to as this band has two bassists, one guitarist and a drummer. The low-end is definitely covered.

Another cool thing about all of these bands I mentioned is that the members are all nice people as well as great musicians.

Billy from the band Ricer came to the show, hung out with us and gave us a place to crash. (Thank you!) It’s always good to be able to go out of town and see friends. (Billy also does some really good solo stuff under the name “An Army of Tiny Purple Dinosaurs.” You should check that out.)

Also… Atlanta traffic is even more frightening during a hail storm. Fact.