Titan beach party in full effect!

I have got to say: The Helicity Montgomery after party on Friday in the Alley was pretty epic. Yes, it may have been 100 degrees (or at least felt like it) and we played outside, but it was awesome, and we had a blast. (Thanks to the Alley Bar staff who allowed me to hang out in the shot room for awhile to cool off.)

That was just the beginning.

Saturday, Hail the Titans headed down to Pensacola, Fla. to play a show with Eerie Rockwell and Paloma at the Big Easy Tavern. Both of those bands are really good, and you should check them out. Mr. Fahrenheit was originally on the bill, but unfortunately had to drop off. They still helped promote, and Robert and Ben were able to come hang out with us. Thanks, guys. It was good to talk business.

Also, thanks to the Eerie Rockwell guys for giving us a place to stay!

On Sunday, we headed out to Panama City Beach. We played at Ms. Newby’s, which is where we played back in March when we opened for Citizen Icon. Big thanks to our friend Kevin Burnes (@StickDelScorcho) for booking us. I did a short, acoustic set to open the show, went to the beach for a few minutes, and came back to hear Megin Wolf do an acoustic set. (She’s really good.)

Then we played a somewhat extended set – I think it may have gone a little more than an hour. It was a lot of fun. And afterward, we took another walk down to the beach and had some night time swimming. Good times.

We are back now, and to give an album update, our IndieGoGo account is currently up to $870 of our $1,300 goal. We still have 24 more days to raise the money to put out our album, “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.” We are offering a lot of different things, depending on what you would like to contribute. Visit IndieGoGo.com/HailtheTitans for info, a video and to contribute.

Oh… and here is a photo of the bacon, sausage, butter, syrup, waffle burrito that Adam made:

Bacon sausage butter syrup waffle on Twitpic


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