Bands I miss: Elliott

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking, “Hey, once in awhile, I should write about a band that I miss under the heading ‘Bands I miss.'” So, finally, here is the first post (of I’m not sure how many will follow… we’ll see) of “Bands I miss.”


I got to see this Kentucky-based band a couple of times before the breakup – both times at Furnace Fest in Birmingham, Ala. They put on a great show both times. At the time of the shows, I would describe their sound as “atmospheric,” but these days with more music labels than we know what to do with, they would probably fall into the category of “post rock.” And that’s OK. If you couldn’t tell from previous posts on this blog, I dig a lot of bands in that category.

I’m currently listening to their last release, Photorecording, which is a great album. It also comes with a DVD that has a lot of live footage as part of the documentary about their last tour.

Their first album, “US Songs,” is good, but “False Cathedrals” is the album that really seemed to get everyone’s attention. That’s the first album I heard by them, and it’s fantastic. And their third release, “Song in the Air,” is extremely good as well.

So there’s the first installment of “Bands I miss.” If you like the stuff you read here, feel free to enter your email address below to subscribe. Thanks!


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