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I got some new music recently (yes, on CD… well, there was one vinyl 7″ too) that I think you should take the time to hear.

First of all, the new Manchester Orchestra album “Simple Math” is great.

I am a big fan of “Mean Everything to Nothing,” which was their previous release, and “I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child” is good, as well. “Simple Math,” however, has a little different feel to it than the previous stuff, but it just shows their growth as a band, and as songwriters. To me, the stand-out tracks so far have been “Simple Math” and “Apprehension.”

Another band that has changed things up a little for their new album is Death Cab for Cutie. Their recent “Codes and Keys” album, while definitely recognizable as Death Cab, isn’t quite as guitar-driven as their past releases.

The tracks that really caught my attention are the piano-driven title track “Codes and Keys,” the single “You are a Tourist” (that lead guitar part that Ben plays is super catchy) and “Underneath the Sycamore.”

The other new album that deserves your attention is “Little Hell” by City and Colour.

Dallas Green, who seems to have garnered as much attention for this project as his band Alexisonfire, returns with a great new album. It’s still acoustic-driven, despite the more electric, full-band feel of the single “Fragile Bird,” which, to me, is probably my least favorite track on the album. I prefer the stripped-down demo version that came on the 7″ single.

The album grabbed my attention from the first track, “Fragile,” that really showcases Green’s voice, along with some steel guitar in the background. Other tracks to check out include “Grand Optimist,” “Little Hell,” and the album’s final track, “Hope for Now,” which really kicks in after about two and a half minutes.


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