News and shows and events and…

This past Sunday, Sean Gourley from the Montgomery Advertiser joined Hail the Titans outside of a Starbucks to talk to us about the band, our upcoming album and our IndieGoGo fundraising efforts. The article ran in the GoPlay section today – “Montgomery band thinks outside the box.” Read it here.

It also made the print version – the story takes up all of page 3 (aside from ads – hey, they’ve got bills, too) and is continued on page 14.

Speaking of our IndieGoGo campaign, as I type this, we are at $965 of our $1,300 goal with a couple of weeks left to go. You can help us out and get unique “perks” by clicking here.

Hail the Titans has a couple of shows coming up this weekend:

Friday, we’re at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa, Ala. with The Great American Breakdown and Shaman Says. Details here.

Saturday, we’re at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, Ga. with Demonaut, Order of the Owl and Mice in Cars. Details here. Details here. The show is being presented by Rock Science Radio and Performer Magazine. Also, the venue posted information about the show on their blog, which is very cool of them.

The show on Saturday will be streamed live online, so you can watch from your computer. Visit

OK, let’s see… other shows going on this weekend include these:

Friday, Pseudo Nein and Fable are going to be at the Double Branch in Troy, and metal band Double Barrel Democracy will be at Head on the Door in Montgomery.

Saturday in Montgomery, there will be some music at the iCantina in the Alley downtown. I believe that includes DJ’s, not live bands, but it’s free and goes from 8 p.m. until midnight. Head on the Door has Mos Teutonicus that night. If you’re going to be in the Birmingham area, I would suggest heading to Matthew’s Bar and Grille to see Apsis and Bearhead.

I’m currently listening to “Sagarmatha” by The Appleseed Cast. You should, too. The double vinyl version is amazing, by the way.

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