Another weekend of rock

Here are some bands we (Hail the Titans) played with this weekend that you should check out:

On Friday, we were at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa with Shaman Says and The Great American Breakdown.

Shaman Says is a three-piece indie/punk/rock band with a female drummer who rocks out. They have a good sound, and Andrew was rocking his red biker shorts and headband like a champ.

We have played with The Great American Breakdown once before – back in April when we both opened for Maserati at Bottletree in Birmingham. These guys are really good. Lots of good, loud, energetic rock with some post-rock influences in there.

And while in T-Town, we had some food from Wilhagan’s, which is right next door. I had the Philly cheesesteak, which is a great way to judge a restaurant in my opinion. If they can make a good Philly, they can probably do a lot more as well. And I must say that Wilhagan’s makes a good Philly. You should try their coleslaw; it’s spicy.

Big thanks to our friend Heidi for giving us a place to crash (and to her roommates who didn’t get mad at finding four strangers sprawled out in the living room and spare room.)

On Saturday, we played at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta with Mice in Cars, Order of the Owl and Demonaut.

We got food from a nearby local place called Marco’s Pita before the show. I got a salmon pita with 4-bean salad, and I highly recommend it. The other guys said the hummus was really good as well.

We opened the show, which was put on by Rock Science Radio and Performer Magazine. Our set was streamed live on the venue’s LiveStream page, and if you missed it, you can still watch our entire set by clicking here.

Up next was Mice in Cars – a three-piece band with lots of loud, energetic rock, noise, and the bassist used a cello bow and the drummer had a keyboard, computer and some other noise-making items that he was playing.

Then came Order of the Owl. Metal. Loud. Heavy. And if you play metal and “loud” and “heavy” are not in the description, you’re probably not doing it right. The band features the former bassist from Zoroaster and a lineup of members from other Atlanta bands. (Read the Creative Loafing article about them here.)

Headlining the event was Demonaut. Again – metal, loud, heavy, in all the right ways. “Heavy” may not really describe the level of “heavy” that I am referring to as this band has two bassists, one guitarist and a drummer. The low-end is definitely covered.

Another cool thing about all of these bands I mentioned is that the members are all nice people as well as great musicians.

Billy from the band Ricer came to the show, hung out with us and gave us a place to crash. (Thank you!) It’s always good to be able to go out of town and see friends. (Billy also does some really good solo stuff under the name “An Army of Tiny Purple Dinosaurs.” You should check that out.)

Also… Atlanta traffic is even more frightening during a hail storm. Fact.


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