Update on yesterday’s post and other weekend happenings

Yesterday, along with posting about the Knucklehead guitar string endorsement for Hail the Titans, I gave details about an acoustic show in Dothan this Friday. Another artist has been added to the Dothan show – Richard Cass, who I’m told plays in a band called “Volunteer Cass.”

The start time, price, all-ages aspect, etc. are still the same. The flier has been updated to show Richard’s name:

In film news, Jason Snellgrove, writer/director of “GutMunchers,” has recut a shorter version of the GutMunchers teaser that can be viewed here:

Snellgrove is planning to start raising money soon to go toward filming the long version, and we have discussed me reprising the role of “Vince” when filming starts.

In other news, I don’t post much on this blog that might be considered “too personal,” but apparently, there are rumors that I am dating a close friend of mine. As she and I are both single and definitely not dating,  our friend (and a fellow musician) known as “Rudy Banes” (who sings in The Black Racers) decided to start a Facebook page to raise awareness and quell the rumors. The page is titled “Believe It or Not: They Ain’t Datin’” and it is, appropriately, in the “Aerospace/Defense” category.

OK. With that out of the way, here are some original music-related things going on this weekend:

In Montgomery

T. Junior, front man for the Honky Tonk Hustlas, is performing Friday at Head on the Door. I am not sure what is going on for Saturday.

Other shows around the Southeast worth checking out:

Pocket the Moon is releasing a CD Friday at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. Other artists playing are Richard Parsons and Molly Parden. Really, I have no idea what any of these artist sound like, but the show is being put on by Rock Science, and Tracey tends to have great taste when it comes to bands and music, so if her company is promoting it, you should plan to attend because it will be a good show.

An Atlanta show worth checking out on Saturday is at the Star Bar. Jungol is playing with Winter Ransom and A: The Color.

Also on Saturday, The Squeaky Lizard (a fantastic venue that the people in Ocean Springs, Miss. are lucky to have) is hosting what looks to be a metal show with Dark Horizon, Her Fatal Remedy and Southbound Shadow.


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