Some hometown music

I have been answering questions for an email interview with an online magazine/blog this morning (more on that later), and some questions have dealt with the music scene in Montgomery, Ala. I have been doing music for awhile now and have seen the many changes over the years. In fact, I was just talking to some folks last night (including Johnny and Beth from Hellakopta of Love and Helicity and Sean from Alley Bar) about the more recent things going on in town that were music-related.

Things definitely seem to be growing.

Around the same time, I see where my good friend and fellow musician Kenny Johnson has been posting some music on So I thought this would be a good time to post links so you can hear some music from some Montgomery-based bands. Click the names to visit the related Bandcamp pages and listen to some music.

The Ed Kemper Trio.

Reverse Engineer.

Black Racers.

El Chupa Cobras.

The Hail the Titans demo stuff is also online: So are my solo albums and The Boss and The Rabbi recordings.

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