Randomness 10.0 (or something like “rX” if it was a new Mac operating system… but it’s not)

OK, some quick things:

The Hail the Titans‘ fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo is currently at $1420, which is $120 over our goal! There are only four days left, so if you’ve been wanting any of the extra things we’re offering – the DVD-R of the first show, a t-shirt, the band cooking you dinner, etc. – act fast.

In band-related news, I have now heard the final master of “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.” As you probably know, we recorded and mixed with Chris Lantrip of Headless Dinosaur Recording in Montgomery. The album was mastered by Jamie Uertz at Sarcophagus Studios in Opelika.

Speaking of Jamie and Sarcophagus, when I met up with him to get the master, he had just finished tracking drums for Vyathist, a band (“super group” may be a better phrase) featuring members from Weak Music for Thomas, No, Braswell and many others.

You should be excited for that recording – first of all, because of the band members and who was recording them. You know they put out quality work. Secondly, because of the room they recorded drums in. It’s nice and big with high ceilings.

One more thing, the blog “The Local Scene” posted an interesting article titled, “Indie vs. The Label.” In the article, they reference the Hail the Titans’ IndieGoGo campaign that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. You should read it.

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