Weekend events for July 1 and 2

I meant to have this post out much earlier. That was the plan anyway, but alas, I had a water leak that has been taking up quite a bit of time the past couple of days. There was a lot of digging involved.

Progress... on Twitpic

Luckily, I have great neighbors and friends who have come through for me in big ways. Seriously. Thank you. I have had help with advice, leak-finding, digging, tools, plumbing, offers of places to shower and/or crash while my water was off, etc. I truly know some great people.

Now to the music…

Looking to hear some music this weekend? Well, here are some choices:

Tonight, Hail the Titans is playing with Jungol at Head on the Door in Montgomery. Details here. You don’t want to miss this show.

Saturday night, Hail the Titans is joining Bearhead, Death in the Park (which features Andy Jackson from Hot Rod Circuit and Terrible Things) and Eyes Like 20 at The Nick in Birmingham. Show starts at 10 p.m. $6 cover. 21+. This is a great lineup, and it’s going to be fun.

If you’re still in Montgomery on Saturday, Pseudo Nein is having their one-year anniversary show at Head on the Door. The last time I saw them play there, their bassist Joe Collins (you’ll recognize him from the Hail the Titans “Kidnapped?” video) ended up shirtless and having things drawn on him with a marker. True story. It was mainly Adam and Trey doing the drawing while Wes yelled “Suede-o Knee-in” repeatedly.


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