“Take that mess back to the trailer park!”

The title of this post is a quote I heard yesterday. A man, from one of the VIP areas at Biscuits Stadium in Montgomery, Ala., was not pleased with a visiting team member throwing a bat down after striking out.

Of course, after laughing, Wes (if you read this blog enough, you’ll probably start recognizing when I’m talking about members of Hail the Titans by first name… like now) and I began to think of how we could work that phrase into everyday situations – like maybe at a restaurant. “This steak isn’t well done! Take that mess back to the trailer park!” (I think the word “shit” fits the mood of the statement better than “mess,” but maybe there were kids nearby or something.)

Big thanks to Johnny Veres from Hellakopta of Love for the invite yesterday. It was fun!

Speaking of Hellakopta, Winfred Hawkins played bass and guitar for awhile last night during the open mic night that the Alley Bar recently began holding. It’s each Tuesday night. There was a guy on stage playing harmonica with him, too. Some people were asking if I was going to get up there and play, but 1) I didn’t bring a guitar, and 2) I know better than to try to follow Winfred. (He’s really, really good.)

Ps – Magic Hat #9 on tap is really good.


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