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Yesterday was the magazine release party for the new issue of RSVP, and they have an article on Hail the Titans. It is in print as well as online. (We are on page 58.)

See @HailtheTitans in the new @RSVPmontgomery magazine. on Twitpic

You might recognize the photos (courtesy of Pint Bottle Photography).

Our music is called “intricate, passionate and wonderfully loud.” I like it.

Also in that issue, beginning on page 38, is “The List,” in which two of my friends – Winfred Hawkins and Jessica Roberts – are featured. Congrats to them!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, BPM is playing at Head on the Door in Montgomery tonight.

Tomorrow night, Breaking Aim and the Rhythm is playing with Cody Gaisser, also at Head on the Door.

And I have had the new Manchester Orchestra album “Simple Math” spinning in my CD player (yes, I still purchase and listen to CDs) for awhile now. It’s a really good album.

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