About tomorrow’s Hail the Titans show at the AlleyBAR

There seems to be a lot of chatter about the Hail the Titans show at the AlleyBAR tomorrow night, so I figured I would write a post explaining what I know as of this moment.

According to the AlleyBAR’s website, they are a stop for the 2011 Bullrun Rally. The Bullrun began on Friday, July 8 in Las Vegas and will end in Miami this Friday, July 15.

The Bullrun, according to their website, is:

“the most glamorous and high profile of the new breed of high-end luxury lifestyle automotive rallies. Each year, a hundred of the world’s finest super-cars embark on an epic eight-day rolling party across the USA – bringing together a celebrity strewn cast of characters and petrosexuals for an unforgettable adventure – where the only obligatory goals are to party, drive and enjoy! “

It seems that Wednesday night, the Bullrun participants (who pay $20k to be a part of this) will be at AlleyBAR in Montgomery, where Hail the Titans will be performing.

There have also been rumors about a camera crew and celebrities that may be there. I did some digging, and this is what I have found:

A June 14 post on the Bullrun website has the title, “Bullrun 2011 Live Rally to be Filmed for MTV!!!” It says that the show will be broadcast on an MTV television network this fall.

Does that mean camera crews will be at AlleyBAR tomorrow night? I don’t know. I guess it’s possible, but I have no way to confirm it. You should just come hang out with us tomorrow night and find out with us.

As far as celebrities go, I also have no way of confirming if anyone famous will be there tomorrow night or not. The only thing I have been able to find online so far is a news story from the Silver City Sun-News out of New Mexico titled, “Bullrun Live Rally.” The article was posted Sunday night, and it mentions a place called “The Buckhorn” that was visited by rapper/actor Ice-T and his wife, Coco. It also mentions some people called “The Dudesons.”

So yeah, basically, I’ve been informed that we’re playing at AlleyBAR tomorrow night; that it’s a stop on the 2011 Bullrun Rally; that there’s no cover charge; and that we should begin playing around 10 p.m.

I guess the other rumors can be confirmed or dismissed tomorrow night. We hope to see you there. Here is a link to the Facebook event listing. Please share with your friends.

[UPDATE]: Also, we’ll be playing an extended set. It’ll be fun.


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