We told you Ice-T and Coco were going to be there

Some people thought it was all hype, but last night, sure enough, Ice-T and Coco, among other Bullrun 2011 participants, were at AlleyBAR while Hail the Titans was playing.

The place was packed, and I want to give a big “Thank you!” to everyone who came out (on a Wednesday!) to support us, AlleyBAR and the Bullrun. It was an amazing night, and we are truly grateful for the love and support you all have shown us.

The Bullrun cars were parked outside of the Renaissance Hotel downtown:

Bullrun cars on Twitpic

Here is Trey standing next to some huge, stretched truck of some sort:

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And here is the pink camo Hummer driven by “The Dudesons” from MTV:

Dudesons on Twitpic

And here is a photo of Ice-T and Coco taken in Montgomery by my friend Holly and uploaded by Jason from …and the Lawyers:

Here is a short video from our performance last night that our friend Brandon took with his phone:

Again, thank you! Last night was truly amazing!


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