Sigh… well… it was almost a smooth ride

After hearing that some people said Montgomery was the best stop so far on the Bullrun 2011, I see this news headline:

Ice-T Says MTV Crew was Mistreated in Montgomery.

For the record, the incident seems to have happened well after the show/party from Wednesday night (which was awesome, by the way.) (The fourth paragraph begins, “As the cars were gearing up to roll out…”)

There truly are some people/organizations/businesses in Montgomery who are trying to bring new and exciting things to town (including Helicity Montgomery, AlleyBAR, etc.), so I must say it’s a shame when some negativity attempts to overshadow what was a very positive event.

Anyway, be sure to check out my post from Monday about all the events going on this weekend. Get out and support some things in town. Don’t let the negative aspects hinder the positive.


One thought on “Sigh… well… it was almost a smooth ride

  1. In my opinion, it was Ice-T who was the rude one. He stayed ensconced in an alcove, surrounded by his entourage and bodyguards, at The Alley Bar, while Hail the Titans were outside playing their hearts out, hoping to entertain him. No one was allowed to see him, because he’s SO important. In my opinion, he and his paid friends can go back to LA and STAY there, for all I care. I have no more use for him. As I mentioned on Twitter, this is Montgomery, AL and not LA or New York, so the bodyguards were not needed. Except to make himself feel important. We have more respect for people than he realizes. Which he would have had he tried to soak up some of the Southern Hospitality that is prevalent here. As I said, let him go back to LA and stay there. Well, at least one LA person was there, and in my opinion, more important than Ice-T: Bert Thomas. Thank you, Bert, for remembering your friends.

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