“…like Epic Meal Time for the ears.”

We (Hail the Titans) had a fun time on the Gulf Coast this weekend, even though it rained pretty much the entire time.

The Axis Venue in Panama City was fun. We played a very short set, but it was still fun. And The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs is always very good to us, and we love that place. And right now, I would like to share a quote that the Squeaky Lizard owner left on our Facebook wall describing our sound:

“Watching Hail the Titans play is like Epic Meal Time for the ears. Wes keeps throwing out bass lines like it’s bacon fried bacon, wrapped in bacon and topped with a bacon marmalade with bacon bits. Adam makes you wonder if he is playing a guitar, stuffed inside another guitar, with an even smaller guitar pan seared and marinated in a Jack Daniel’s sauce inside of that one. Josh holds everything together like a meat glue, made of pork, beef, chicken, fish, and therakeytardrumbarine. And Trey on drums can only be described as “Cham Pow” tastic. There is no point in asking how many calories your ears intake during a Hail the Titans show – because numbers dont go that high.”

I’m thinking we might just have a new band bio now!

We will be back at The Squeaky Lizard on Saturday, July 30 for Lance’s birthday weekend of rock.

In the meantime, make sure you’ve clicked the “Like” button on our Facebook page because we’ll have some album updates coming soon!


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