Hymns of Mare Nostrum info

So yesterday, the album cover for Hail the Titans‘ upcoming “Hymns of Mare Nostrum” was unveiled on our Facebook page. It was designed by Winfred Hawkins. Here it is again, if you missed it yesterday:

And here is the track listing:

1. The Physical Limitations of Nonlinear Waves in Motion
2. The Surface
3. Blood Sisters of the Fog
4. Wave Goodbye to the Shoreline; Hello Giant Squid
5. Cesium
6. I Am Become Death
7. The Owner’s Manual to the Universe, Chapter III: Celestial Mapping
8. Practical Applications in the Metaphysical

But I figured I would post some information here that is not in the liner notes, mainly the instrument list. If you’re interested to know what you’re hearing, it may take a little research, some imagination, a set of headphones, and maybe a link to this blog because it’s not in the album.

If you didn’t know already, we like noise. We may fit into categories such as rock, post rock, ambient, experimental, instrumental, progressive, etc., but we also like noise, so here is a list of everything that we could remember recording for use on the album:

Of course, we’ll start with the normal instruments you’re used to seeing us with live – guitars, bass, drums, multiple effects pedals, a micro Korg, a Korg MS2000, extra floor toms, a whamola, a theremin, a light theremin and a tambourine.

Along with all of that from our live set-up, here are some other things on the album:

A dumbbull, a didgeridoo, a chalice with a stainless steel spoon, the same chalice used as a bell and dipped in a pan of water, a drum stick on a glass ceiling fan light fixture cover, birds, a metal shopping cart and a night stick, a Mac computer (synth), vomit, acoustic guitar, cell phones, Ensoniq ESQ1 keyboard, 3 qt. cooking pot, slide whistle, shower, glass jar with metal screws, wine glasses with water, alto saxophone, hand drums, Akai XR20 drum machine, 2-slice toaster, plastic police dashboard toy, the ignition of a forest green ’95 Jeep Cherokee 4WD, a tape measure, a ring of keys, a guitar pick on Velcro and a hand saw used on a bathroom sink and a 3 qt. cooking pot.

I think that’s it. I mean, there is a chance that I forgot something, but I think that is a comprehensive list. The album will be out soon. More updates in the coming weeks.

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