Reviews, photos and things to do

Yesterday, The Local Scene blog posted a review of Hail the Titans‘ performance at last Wednesday’s Bullrun 2011 party at the AlleyBAR. There are also photos from the show as well. Read the post here.

“The sound of Hail the Titans pretty much defies definition.”

“…natural, pure and raw.”

“Their music shows that lyrics are unnecessary to make music good.”

Also, Pint Bottle Photography posted a gallery titled “Bullrun Rally” with photos from that show. See them here.

Here is a photo of the stage before we began playing:

This weekend, Hail the Titans has a couple of show:

Friday, we will be at Picaflor Studio in Atlanta, Ga. with Jon Von Panther and PlanetRAWK. This is part of the Rock Science Revival series. Details here.

Saturday, we’ll return to the Alley Cat in Carrollton, Ga. with MeeN. MeeN features Josh, the former drummer from Can Can. We’re excited to return to the Alley Cat – good food and good people.

If you’re in Montgomery this weekend, you should go to Head on the Door on Friday and check out MeeN. They are playing with …and the Lawyers. Details here.

Saturday, the show to see in Montgomery is No, The Black Racers, and The Most Amazing Century of Science. They are all at Head on the Door as well. As of me typing this, 42 people have already clicked “attending,” so you might want to get there early for this one.


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