Some new music you should check out

Here is some new music I think you should give a listen to – some local, some not so local, but good nonetheless. These can all be streamed (and purchased) online.

I’ll start with local and then spread out.

The Black Racers recently released a self-titled eight-song album. You can hear it on their Bandcamp page.

From Atlanta hails Brother Hawk, who just released the five-track “Love Songs.” Maybe “EP” is the correct terminology, but each song on this album is longer than five minutes (the song “Berean” is three seconds shy of the 10-minute mark.) You can hear it here.

(Brother Hawk features at least one member of Mice in Cars, who Hail the Titans played with in Atlanta in June and will play with again this year at Nophest.)

One album I can’t seem to recommend enough is a new Deep Elm Records release by a band called Coma Recovery. They have released five tracks of beautiful post rock goodness known as “Goddverb” that can be heard here.

And according to an email I received this morning from Deep Elm, they are giving away an album every Wednesday for anyone who clicks “Like” on their Facebook page. Today’s giveaway is “Share This” by the band Les Sages – good indie rock with piano and vocal harmonies.


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