New music (to me) and show info

So yesterday, I posted on Facebook that I was listening to Goonies Never Say Die. (Sidenote: Whenever I see a “Goonies Never Say Die” shirt, I generally ask, “The movie or the band?” And the response is generally, “I didn’t know it was a band.” So if you’re reading this post, now you know it’s a band, too.)

They are an instrumental band from England that would fit into the post-rock category. You can hear some of their stuff on Deep Elm Records.

Anyway back to the story… so I posted that I was listening to that band, and Jason Snellgrove (Flip the Switch, Breaking Aim and the Rhythm, etc.) mentions this Japanese instrumental band called “Toe.” And… well… they’re really good. It’s a mixture of post-rock and math rock.

And that sidenote above is probably why he calls me “the man of much wordage.”

So yeah… Toe. Really good stuff. In fact, here you go:


Tonight, Hail the Titans is playing at the Blind Mule in Mobile with The Handsome Scoundrels.

And my friends in NO are playing pretty close by at the Alabama Music Box.

Saturday, Hail the Titans are back at The Squeaky Lizard in Ocean Springs, MS. That place is always fun times.

Oh, and in case you missed it, my friends in El Chupa Cobras have a beer coming out today in their honor. Read the Montgomery Advertiser article about it.


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