Tales from a hot and humid Mississippi weekend

Friday, Hail the Titans headed to Sam’s Lounge in Jackson, Miss. to play a show with our friends in Coffin Breath.

The show was a lot of fun, and we got to hang out with our good friend Dillon who moved there awhile back to take a promotion as general manager of the Guitar Center there.

Coffin Breath likes to hock loogies on the ceiling. It’s true. When looking for dirty punk rock, or “death punk” as they describe themselves, this is what you should find – a lot of energy and loogies. They put on a great and fun show.

It was going to be their last show as their singer, JD, was moving. His friend told him that he would punch him in the face – kind of a goodbye gift. JD took it like a champ, and with a swollen eye, updated their Facebook page yesterday saying he was no longer going to L.A.

So basically, he took a punch to the face for nothing.

Let’s see… what else… Trey and Adam picked me up and “crowd surfed” me (a.k.a. threw me on stage with Coffin Breath.) After the show, as Wes distracted me with conversation, Trey and Adam picked up a cooler full of ice water and dumped it on me like a football coach whose team just won a championship.

Here is a conversation I heard this weekend:

Man: “Roll your window down, bitch!”
Woman: “What?!” (very angrily.)
Man: “Nothing.”

Saturday, we headed down to Hattiesburg, Miss. for a show at the 1126 House. Playing a house party is fun.

Alfred (from Ostrov, Love Story’s End, Sibylic, etc.) hooked us up with barbecue from The Shed (they have a Hattiesburg location!), as well as a place to crash and breakfast. Ostrov was great. Love Story’s End was great. A drunk guy almost knocked me and the keyboard over. There may or may not be, and in fact is, an indented area of a living room wall. So yeah, it was a fun house party!

And for some reason, Adam and Trey spent the weekend singing random songs in the voice of Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. If Claudio decided to sing the Family Guy theme song, I think they pretty much nailed what it would sound like.

(Oh, by the way, the new banner at the top of this blog is courtesy of Pint Bottle Photography.)


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