Aug. 26 – Hymns of Mare Nostrum

Aug. 26 is the official release date for Hail the Titans‘ “Hymns of Mare Nostrum.”

We are very excited. The CD release show is that night at Head on the Door, and our good friends Hellakopta of Love are opening. Show details here.

Here is the official poster for the show:

Photo credit: Pint Bottle Photography. (Photographer: Tyler Caldwell.)

The album was recorded by Chris Lantrip with Headless Dinosaur Recording in Montgomery and mastered by Jamie Uertz at Sarcophagus Studios in Opelika.

We had two amazing artists work on the album art. The outside artwork was done by Winfred Hawkins (who also plays bass in Hellakopta of Love.) The inside art was drawn by Kevin Sanders.

This album has been a long and detailed process. We began recording some time in January and spent many hours in the studio (see some recording highlights on our YouTube page). Then came the mixing and mastering stages. Then, with the help of the many people who gave us donations in cash and via the IndieGoGo website, we were finally able to get CDs (digipaks, even) made.

So we hope to see you on Aug. 26 for the release party. Because the venue got to capacity early last time, our plan is to have a merch table just outside the door. That also means that anyone under 21 who is interested in purchasing the CD that night can do so. (You can also hear the music pretty well from outside, as we are loud.)

Thank you for your continued love and support. It is greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Aug. 26 – Hymns of Mare Nostrum

  1. Just make sure that I have a place in there that night! I plan to come early, but tell the bouncer that your mom WILL be there!

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