That’s more than mere streaking

Over the past few days…

The members of Hail the Titans have completed a painting for a contributor to our IndieGoGo campaign.

I learned that I’m terrible at beer pong.

We played a fun show at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Friday with Convolve and CapGun Suicide.

I got to try the El Chupa Cobras beer by Cigar City Brewing. That was excellent.

Hillary from Pint Bottle Photography surprised us by just showing up at Green Bar. Thanks to all the friends we made and the folks we know from Montgomery for showing up, and thanks to our friend Heidi for giving us a place to crash.

We played a fun show at Best Fest in Carrollton, Ga. on Saturday, and before the show, we got food from Alley Cat and saw “Karate” (of course, since he owns the place and all), Casey from MeeN and all the guys from Johnny’s in the Basement. It’s always good to run into friends at out-of-town shows.

At Best Fest, they had kegs of Sweetwater 420 and IPA, which are both very good. Also, there was camping, a bonfire, and during our set, some guy got naked and went streaking through the tent we were playing in.

We did not notice this at the time… we tend to get caught up in playing, however, dude didn’t just streak and then go get dressed. No, he just partied naked the rest of the night, posing for photos with folks (we got a band photo with the dude) and passing out. And to show the politeness of the people there – no one broke out the sharpies when he was passed out. I mean, some folks thought about it, but they didn’t do it, and that’s what counts.

And the next morning, before we left, a girl was singing a song she wrote where the lyrics are “I got a black eye; I got a black eye.” The song is a true story, about herself, because she woke up with a black eye, and no one seemed to know how it happened.

So… driving in the South in a van without air conditioning in the summer, sleeping on floors, chairs, in tents and in a van, loud music, streaking, food, drinks, black eyes and incriminating photographs… all with great friends. Fun stuff.


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