Shows and updates and… um… stuff

So what’s going on this weekend, you ask?

Friday night at Head on the Door, Kill, Baby… Kill is playing with Jack of Hearts.

Saturday night at Head on the Door, Breaking Aim and the Rhythm is playing with The Sneaky Hand, from Atlanta. This is going to be a really good show. In fact, 59 people have already clicked “Attending” on Facebook, so you might want to arrive a little early.

Montgomery’s roller derby team, the Deadutauntes,  is heading up to Birmingham on Saturday for a bout against Tragic City Rollers’ “Plan B.” That starts at 5 p.m.

Um… Zombies still need your help. Check out the Gut Munchers IndieGoGo campaign.

And speaking of crowd funding, local poet, artist, writer Jeremy Adams is raising money via Kickstarter to fund a book/music/art project called “Chickenmonkey.” Check it out here.

Hail the Titans‘ upcoming CD release show (Aug. 26) with Hellakopta of Love was talked about on yesterday. Read it here or at

Lately, we have been finishing all the stuff we promised during our IndieGoGo campaign. We created a four-panel painting, got t-shirts and posters made, etc. Adam made three didgeridoos.

Getting this album out has been a lot of things: exciting, fun, sometimes even exhausting, but for all of you who have shown (and continue to show) us support, thank you.


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