An exciting weekend ahead

Before I get to this coming weekend, I was able to catch a really good show on Saturday. The Sneaky Hand, from Atlanta, played at Head on the Door with Breaking Aim and the Rhythm.

Both bands rocked it. You should check them both out.

OK, this Friday, Aug. 26, marks the official release of “Hymns of Mare Nostrum,” by Hail the Titans.

It feels like it’s been a long time coming. We began recording the album in January, raised money during June, and now, at the end of August, it will finally be released.

The preliminary reviews have been really good.

Pro-BMX rider Tom Haugen, on, said, “Technically proficient, yet still with a universally, easily accessible feel, the 8 tracks here are swimming in meticulous, creative and atmospheric post-rock with dynamic tempo changes.

The Montgomery Advertiser‘s Sean Gourley called it “a fantastic mix of music and noise,” and said, “It’s one thing to blur the lines between genres; it’s another to crank up the sound and blow them apart,” adding “Hymns of Mare Nostrum’ is worth a listen, many times over.

Friday, we’re at Head on the Door with our good friends Hellakopta of Love.

(Photo by Pint Bottle Photography. Photographer: Tyler Caldwell.)

Our friend Nolan Dewey made a promo video for the show. You can view it on Facebook.

For this Friday, we encourage you to get the venue early as a lot of people have told us that they are planning to attend.

In case the venue gets to capacity, we plan to have a merch table set up outside to make it easier to purchase the CD. We may also have some new t-shirts for sale that night as well.

Also, on Saturday, we are playing Nophest in Atlanta. We are on the 529 stage that night at 10 p.m. This is going to be fun, and I encourage you to get tickets early if you plan to attend. There are more than 50 bands playing this festival this weekend at four or five venues in East Atlanta Village.

So please join us at one or both shows this weekend. We’d love to see you there.


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