Info for tomorrow’s Hail the Titans CD release show

We have had a lot of people tell us that they are coming to the Hail the Titans CD release show tomorrow. We are excited to finally be able to share “Hymns of Mare Nostrum” with all of you, and we’re looking forward to seeing and hanging out with you tomorrow night!

While we never really know what the crowd will be like until the night of the show, we want to provide a little more information about tomorrow just in case the venue gets to capacity.

You can show up as early as you want (once the bar opens, anyway. Of course.)

In case the venue gets to capacity, we plan to have a cooler with some bottled water available.

We also plan to have a merch table set up on the sidewalk. (We’re hoping that our new shirts will be here by then as well.)

Also, if you have a lawn chair or one of those fold-up chairs that fit in a bag (bag chair? I don’t know what they are called), go ahead and throw it in your trunk or backseat, just in case. If the venue gets to capacity, the venue door will still be open, so you’ll be able to hear the show. And we’d love for this to have kind of a “block party” feel.

Of course, this entire post could be in vain. Who knows? We’ll find out tomorrow night.

Click here for the Facebook event info.

We hope to see you tomorrow!


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