Some art projects that need your monetary assistance

You may remember back in June when Hail the Titans had an online fundraising campaign through the website With your help, we were able to get digipaks for our CD, which will be released tomorrow night.

Again, thank you!

Now, I would like to tell you about some more projects that need your help. These are people I personally know, by the way.

1. Chickenmonkey

Chickenmonkey has less than two days left in its Kickstarter campaign. It’s a combination of poetry and music, by the very talented Jeremy Adams. Jeremy is a true artist, and you can help him by clicking the above “Chickenmonkey” link and donating.

2. Gut Munchers

Brains can be a delicacy, especially for the modern day zombie. Who doesn’t love a good zombie film? Well, this one is written (and is being directed) by Jason Snellgrove, who also did the teaser that can be viewed by clicking the Gut Munchers link above. You might recognize a familiar face or two in the teaser. Yes, I play “Vince,” and will be reprising that role next month when filming begins. You can donate via IndieGoGo at the above link.

3. The Helvetica Effect

The Helvetica Effect, or “THE” for short, is a rock band from Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Along with being a great rock band, they are also really nice guys. I got to play a couple of shows with them back when I was in Easy Kiddo and have remained friends with them since. You can help them release their album by donating at the above link.

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