Randomness 11.0

Firstly, the word “firstly” sounds weird.

Secondly, thanks to everyone who came out to the acoustic show at Head on the Door last night. Bobby Lee sounded great, as usual. It was a fun show.

Thirdly, I will quit numbering things at this point.

Hail the Titans are heading up to Gadsden, Ala. tomorrow for a show. The event is called “Moonsong Artist Showcase presents: Hail the Titans.” I’m digging the flier:

Also tomorrow, Bearhead is playing at The Nick in Birmingham with BeItTheMeans and Stoned Cobra. Another cool flier:

This news headline caught my attention today: “Man hits beaver, thrown from bike.”

And here is a political Op-Ed by Paul Krugman titled “Republicans Against Science.”

Abandoned Pools is getting ready to release a new album. You can hear a couple of singles here.

That’s all for now. #ThatsAllForNowInHashTagForm


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